Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Kith Cafe, Park Mall, Singapore

I had some errands to run in Orchard area this morning, hence did some research on where to have a decent breakfast in that area. Lots of foodies on the interweb recommended The Kith Cafe at Park Mall. Decided to give it a try since it is near Dhoby Ghaut MRT and prices seems reasonable. 

Ambience seems ok. Long and narrow indoor and a squarish outdoor sitting area. Quite standard in Singapore. Decided on the "Big" Breakfast (Take note that I put the big in inverted commas). This is when the first problem cropped up. There are baked beans in the breakfast and I requested the beans to be changed to something. The server just gave me a yaya papaya answer "No can do, Sir. All our things are standard." I wanted to yell at him what if I am allergic to beans and can kill me but decided against it since I do not want to ruin my weekend. I will just leave them aside. I opted for the sourdough and pouched eggs option. Ordered a latte as per my usual practice.   

Let me get straight to the point. This is the worst breakfast platter I have ever eaten. When the order came, the Big Breakfast does look big. However, it is obvious that they cheated. They just stacked the baked beans on greens and place the toasts on top of  everything to make it look big. Talking about the toast, this is the toughest dough I have ever eaten. Takes effort to even pull it off with my teeth. Paul Hollywood would have flipped if he is served this bread. Bacons were over fried and taste like tree bark. Only manage to finish one piece.

Should be named the Stack'o to Make it Look Big Breakfast

Next thing that is just plain wrong, the eggs. I know pouched eggs are not the easiest to make, but boy, the pouched eggs here are just plain wrong. Not only were the eggs undercooked. The kitchen did not even care to drain the eggs properly before serving. When I break the eggs, the running yolk got mixed up with the residue water. John and Gregg would have bitten any contestant who dare to serve this to them.

Yes, that is yolk mixed with residue poaching water. Not oil. 

Water, water everywhere
Anyone who know me well enough knows you won't see any egg left on my plate as long as they are edible. The poached eggs here are so undercooked and when mixed with the residue water from poaching, it tasted nothing but water. The funny thing is that the lady at the table next to me was complaining to her husband about the omelette and another table actually sent his food back because the scrambled eggs were too runny. Note to owner, if you can't do eggs properly, don't bother opening the cafe. I would love to see Gordon Ramsey come here and see what is his reaction.

If you are hoping that the coffee here would be it's redeeming quality, I have news for you. The latte taste like coffee flavoured steamed milk. No aroma, no after taste, no nothing. The salty after taste of the bacon stayed longer then the coffee's.

My conclusion, this is by far the most underwhelming breakfast experience I ever have in Singapore. Even the standard Starbucks breakfast is better than this. The worst thing to spend S$20 on.

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