Thursday, September 18, 2014

Delicious @ Sunway Pyramid

Delicious had always being one of my favourite restaurant chains around Klang Valley. Operated by the E&O Group who runs the E&O Hotel and Lone Pine Hotel in Penang amongst others, you get 6 star hotel quality food at a fairly reasonable price. For those who had been to Delicious long enough, you would know that things had never been so groovy some years back. Quality of food not consistent from branch to branch was one of the biggest problem because each outlet do their own procurement. I still remember some years back that the Bangsar Village outlet was the best and was always packed. I gathered that the management realized the problem and got the Executive Chef of the E&O Hotel in and cracked the whip. Since then, they had set up a central kitchen and standardized all procurements and cooking procedures. Scenes of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare comes to mind.

During my visit to KL over the weekend, we went to the Sunway Pyramid outlet for brunch. There were some changes to the menu but we stuck to things we were familiar with. 

The Hainanese Chicken Chop had always being a crowd favourite. People write home about the chops at Yut Kee but I think this is much better. Batter is light, fried just nice, not too oily and meat is succulent. Best of all served with thick cut fries. Not the skinny frozen soggy nonsense you get from a lot of restaurants. 

Eggs Royale, a simple dish of pouched eggs and smoked salmon served with Hollandaise sauce. Looked at the shape of the pouched eggs. Hotel standard presentation indeed. It is so round because they trim the sides with scissors after the eggs are cooked. Learned this from watching Masterchef Professional :p

Taste wise, no complaints. Just that the eggs are a bit over pouched.

Cabonara Mafaldine. They did some changes to the pasta menu. Can't remember them having mafaldine (ribbon cut pasta with wavy edges) last time I visited the BV branch. The pouch egg, I think, is an influence of those Japanese fusion restaurants that mushroomed all over the place. A bit of deviation from the true carbonara but still taste good nonetheless with a generous chucks of good quality parmesan.

The Big Breakfast. Comes with a cheese sausage (no idea why they did that, a bit cheesy, pun intended, if you asked me. I would have preferred a good old English breakfast sausage), a piece of toasted brioche, sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, sunny side up and beef bacon (this being a pork free restaurant).

Feeling a bit adventurous with the drinks hence ordered the Apple Cinnamon Chai. Would not recommend this to anyone with diabetes. Had 2 sips and passed it to Agnes. Too sweet.

The Latte. Apparently, they are now using Juan Valdez Columbian coffee beans. Packs much aroma and finishes off with a strong after taste. Quite Good.  

'Yum Yum, when can I start eating with Mummy and Daddy...'
This was also Chloe's first visit to Delicious and she seems very intrigue with the food on display :)

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