Monday, May 5, 2014

Typical Breakfast in Multi Racial Malaysia Part 1 - Mamak Coffee Shop

Being a multi-racial country, Malaysia is blessed with a wide variety of food. Were politicians divide, food (and maybe sports) is a unifying factor for all Malaysians. One of the all time favourite for all Malaysians is the Mamak Coffee Shop. Mamaks are what we locals refer Indian Muslims as.

The most basic fare served in such establishment is something called the Roti Canai (Roti Prata in Singapore). Basically this is kneaded dough of flour, hand tossed and then fried on a hot pan. One can add eggs, amongst other ingredients, into the dough. Often eaten with curry sauce, dhall (a concoction of spices and lentils and other spices) and sambal (concoction of Chilli paste, anchovies and other spices).

Egg Roti Canai

The next common dish is fried instant noodles. The instant noodles are cooked and then fried with the eggs, vege and whatever the cook feels like together with the sachet of seasoning usually to make the soup. I like to top it up with a sunny side up. 

Tosai. This dish is made from a rice batter. The cook will take a scoop of batter and spread it on a hot pan. Quite similar to making crepe. Like Roti Canai, one can add eggs and other ingredients to it. The version shown below is a Ghee Tosai. Ghee is kind of butter commonly used in Indian cooking.

Dipping in Sambal

Dipping in Dhall

How a Typical Mamal Coffee Shop looks like. Usually they operate 24 hours, 7 days a week

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