Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant, Damansara Uptown Branch

Dim Sum joints are basically a dime a dozen in Malaysia. We have restaurants of different price points ranging from stalls in coffee shops/food courts to restaurants in 5 star Hotels. Agnes was craving for some Dim Sum for breakfast on Saturday and we decided to go to Jin Xuan. Basically, this a chain of Dim Sim restaurants with 6 branches across Klang Valley. We decided on the Damansara Uptown branch. We arrive fairly early at 8.30am hence it was not so crowded. The late morning crowd at this outlet can be horrendous.

Even though this chain is branded as Hong Kong Dim Sum, there is nothing Hong Kong about the way the food is ordered. No carts here. We just fill up an order chit and they will send you the food.

Precursor to every Dim Sum meal
I usually start off dim sums meal with porridge. I was quite surprise that they serve 2 kinds of porridge. I remember the last time I was here they only serve the conventional minced pork and century egg porridge. This time around they serve pork ribs porridge. We ordered one each to share. The porridge generally was of a good consistency. Not too gooey or too watery. The minced pork porridge was, well, normal. Nothing spectacular to write home about. The pork ribs porridge though was a bit odd. How they make it is they mixed a portion of the steamed pork ribs we normally get in dim sum shops into plain porridge. It was quite salty and spicy. Not my cup of tea.  
Minced Pork and Century Egg Porridge
Pork Rib Porridge
A staple of dim sum outlets is the chee cheong fun. The version here is actually quite good. The skin is smooth and not overly light whereby it does not disintegrate when it is being picked up with chopsticks. ]

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun
Many people had being raving about the "lau sar" pau here. Literally translated, "lau sar" pau means bun with flowing sand. I guess the reason it is named so is because of the colour and texture of the filling that resembles quick sand. Actually, the filling is made from a mixture of salted egg yolk and custard. True to its reputation, the buns did not disappoint. The dough were soft and the fillings flows when you bite into it. There is also no overpowering taste of salted egg yolks with the custard balancing it out nicely.

Lau Sar Pau
Flowing Sand

The next thing on the menu that was highly recommended was the glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. It is basically steamed glutinous rice with various ingredients such as minced mushrooms, dried shrimps, etc wrapped in lotus leaf and resteamed again so that the rice will absorb the fragrance of the leaf. 

Glutinous Rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Dim Sum Galore

Jin Xuan is basically a restaurant with a mid range price point. People come here for the comfort (it is air conditioned) and also reasonably good food. Personally I prefer dim sum joints that come with the hustle and bustle (push cart) and all. A good place I can think of is Loong Seng in SS2. After all, a good meal is not only about the food itself but also the sensory experience that comes with it.

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