Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthday Boy meets Choo Choo Train

It was the birthday of my wife's nephew on Saturday.

Not easy to take photos of an excitable 2 year old in indoor lighting. ISO was bumped up to 1250. Low light performance is EM-5 is indeed quite good.

You can tell that Seong loves his cake. My wife have to hold him down to stop him from attacking the cake prematurely.

The black and white was created using Onone Perfect Effects 8. It is free to download for a limited time at here. Do note that the Perfect Effect 8 is a full software that usually cost USD 99.90. It is indeed the full version not some shoddy 30 days trial. The Perfect Effect 8 is one touch software to add the desired effect onto your photos. It even supports Adobe Photoshop Layers.


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