Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Antipodean Cafe, Menara Tan & Tan, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

Last Saturday, I wanted to go to Yut Kee for breakfast as I intend to visit the place before they move to their new premises. However, the place was packed to the brim and overflowing with people. We activated Plan B and made our way to Antipodean Cafe (Coordinates 3.156413, 101.720813) as I had heard and read good things about it. Minor drama as I some how had it stuck in my head that the cafe was in G Tower. Luckily a quick Google revealed the correct location. 

We arrived at the place around 9.30am hence it was not that packed. Got our selves a nice table quite easily. The decor of the place is quite minimalist. Some oak coloured furniture, bare ceilings which is all the rage now and one side of the wall is actually a blackboard with the full menu scribed on it. Yes, there is no menus. We have to order from the wall. 

After straining our eyes and backs, we decided on the Big Breakfast , All Day Breakfast, Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Croissant with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon.

The Big Breakfast (RM20) consist of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, a piece of multigrain toast, a hash brown and a choice of either bacon or beef/chicken/pork sausage. The All Day Breakfast (RM20) is basically the same fare except they swap the mushrooms with baked beans and hash brown with grilled tomatoes. Quite standard fare hence it is quite impossible to go wrong. The toast was good (not the kind that is too airy, if you get what I mean) but for the price, I would have expected a thicker slice or 2 slices. The hash browns, I believe are home made as they are not the typical type you find in fast food restaurants or frozen sections. They are actually quite flavourful and moist. A bit like begedil if you may. However, the sausage (not too sure whether those are home made) was a bit salty for my liking.

Big Breakfast

All Day Breakfast

The croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon (RM19) is what it is topped with some rockets. Croissant is soft and fluffy without any overpowering butter taste. The rockets are a nice touch to balance out the saltiness of the bacons.
Croissant with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
The eggs benedict (RM23) here uses the same bread as the toast on their breakfast platters. Personally, I would prefer the good old English style of using muffins on eggs Benedict. For one, the multigrain toast does not absorb the runny egg yolk so well. The Hollandaise sauce, however, is quite excellent. There is tinge of lemon taste in it that balances out the bacon.  

Eggs Benedict with Bacon

This place is a the place to be if you are a coffee lover. They serve the full range of hand brewed coffee from cappuccino to latte to Affogato to Flat White. However, the Burmese server can't really understand what I wanted when I tried to order a French press. In the end, I settled for a good old latte (RM9). I have to say the barista is quite well trained. The temperature of latte is just right. You can't believe how many baristas can't get the temperature right even in so called high end coffee shops like Starbucks. More often then not they would whip up a coffee that is too piping hot. The beans they used are quite good. There is a fruity note to it with a strong after taste.  

Barista at Work

 My wife opt for the hot chocolate (RM9). I had a sipped of it and found to be too sweet and lack of chocolate taste. Too creamy for my liking. I would not recommend this.

Hot Chocolate

Overall, I would recommend this place as it is quite good value comparatively. As a comparison, Plan B's breakfast platter is RM31, a full 11 bucks more and consist of roughly the same stuff albeit it comes with a black coffee/tea and a juice. Plus this is one of the very few breakfast joints that serves pork. Moreover, situated in the Singapore equivalent of CBD, the area is not crowded on weekends. Good for a relaxing breakfast day out. Good coffee is another bonus point for this joint.  

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