Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Burger Factory, Oasis Damansara

Gourmet burgers joints seems to be mushrooming all over the Klang Valley lately. We stumbled upon this joint in Oasis Damansara set amongst a very elaborate central fountain courtyard. Pretty impressive for a burger joint. Seating area of the restaurant is spacious and airy with adequate lighting. The menu is conveniently broken down into beef, chicken, seafood and vegan. They do have 2 options of oversized burgers aptly named The Boss and Sumo Feast. This joint does not serve pork. 
The Writing on the Wall
After some deliberation, I ordered the Aloha and my wife went for the Bacon Razor. Did not feel like fries hence we went for ala carte and ordered the Onion Rings for sides. The onion rings came first. The batter was crispy and the texture was just nice, unlike some joints who over fry their rings making the onion soggy. However, if you may, the onion was not too flavourful. You could not tell that you are actually eating onions.

Onion Rings

Next came my Aloha. This burger comes with a piece of grilled chicken breast meat, topped with a slice of pineapple, sunny side up and caramelized onion. First, let's talk about the meat. The meat wasn't too bad. Nicely grilled with a smooth texture and not too tough. The pineapple slice, however, is a disappointment. With the price that I am paying, I would had expected them to make an effort to give me a properly grilled fresh pineapple slice. Yes, they use a slice of canned pineapple in sugar syrup which utterly destroyed the balance of the burger due to its excessive sweetness. For those who had experience with canned pineapple slices, you would know that the syrup somehow makes them very "slippery". This, together with the runny egg yolk, caramelized onions and dressing, make it impossible to eat the burger with the hands. In other words, the construction of the burger is terrible. The fillings threaten to drop out with each bite. It doesn't help that the bun is a bit too fluffy. I gave up halfway and went mediaeval on it with fork and knife.


The Bacon Razor comes in black charcoal bun, beef patty, crispy bacons and ceasar dressing. My wife's comment is that wasn't bad but it's nothing special. It seems though it does not suffer the same "construction" problem as my wife manage to finish the burger holding it with her hands.

Bacon Razor

The total damage in the end was RM56.20. Will I come back again? Probably not. My pet peeve with this place is that with this kind of price point, I would expect better quality ingredients (i.e. fresh pineapples). The buns, which in my opinion, makes or breaks a burger, is too fluffy. And they even stinge on the sauces by using Kimball's. Bring me back to Fat Boy's anytime.  

Total Damage

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