Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pasarbella, The Grand Stand, Turf City, Singapore

Went for an impromptu Bukit Timah hike with May and Tim yesterday. After the hike, we decided to head to Pasarbella for lunch. The last time I went to Grand Stand, Pasarbella was not opened yet. Pasarbella, was allegedly inspired by Victoria Market whereby it consists of many individual stalls selling food and produce. In other words, a very atas food court, if I may.

May told me that Pasarbella serves the best paella she had ever eaten, and that is quite a claim I have to verify myself. The stall in question calls itself La Patio. Approaching it, you would be greeted by 2 huge paella pans, besides the queue. When we got there, one pan was almost empty and one pan was bubbling away. Turnover of this stall was fast. The paella was good indeed. One thing about paella is that it is very difficult to get the balance of the flavour right. Most of the paella I have tried tend to be overzealous with the seasoning and gravy hence covering the taste of the rice. A bit like claypot chicken rice, if you get what I mean. With the paella, here you still can taste the grainy flavour of the rice and also the taste of the ingredients. The chicken is tender and the fish flaky. Cooked to perfection. However, Tim did gripe that the mussels was not exactly top notch on freshness. The cost S$13.90 a pop and May went for a second helping. Side note is they would put a dollop of chilli sauce which taste suspiciously like chicken rice chilli sauce at the side of the rice box. I would pass on that as I think that is just an attempt trying to localize the paella a bit. 



Pork knuckles, what a good way to end a 150m elevation hike. Sea Salt mainly serves roasted meat and we decided to get a pork knuckle to share. The pork knuckles here are as good as those at Euro Deli, if not better. The crisp is, well, crispy and meet succulent and not overcooked. Besides that, the ligaments and tendons are still intact, which is no mean feat when raosting pork knuckles. S$24 a serving with either roasted roots or rice.

Mum always said we should have veggies with every meal, so I got ourself some boiled vegetables. With 2 eggs. And with 2 sausages from Cicely. Took a while for the food to be made as the eggs and sausages are cooked to order. S$11.90 per serving. The mince meat was boiling away and I think it was for a pasta sauce from the like of it. 

 The good thing about Pasarbella is that after having a meal, one can walk around the stalls selling fresh produce. Prices though are, maybe 20% to 30% higher then outside though there are some items you can rarely get outside like organic parsnips and brussel sprouts

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