Monday, April 7, 2014

Jonker - St. Paul Hill - Stadhuys - Jonker - Melaka Riverside Walkabout

We were quite lucky that the rain eased off after we finished our coffee for us to start our little walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yes, the queue is already there and it was only 11.45 a.m.

Our first stop was the Stadhuys. Have not being here since God know's when. It is true that locals will only visit attractions when playing tour guide. Still the same old same old with vendors of souvenirs, artists, trishaws and the like.

In line with the times though, some of the trishaws are now Wifi Certified.

Next Stop, St. Paul's Hill and guess what, the basker is still there.

Next, Christ Church Melaka, one of the oldest Anglican churches in this part of the World

Made our way back to Jonker Street Area looking for food. We wanted Ocean Cafe but it seems that it is closed for good. 
Random Shots #1 while looking for food

Random Shot #2 while looking for food
Whilst the others were having a conference on where to eat, I made my way to get some durian puffs. These durian puffs are a must try for durian lovers. The pastry is fresh and fluffy and the filling is so good and tastes so authentic. It is like removing the flesh of a durian and stuffing it into the puff pastry. The vendor will remind everyone to pop the whole puff into the mouth instead of biting it in half. Well, who am I to disagree. Our Irish guests weren't to keen on the taste though :)

Finally, we decided to have lunch at Geographer (this is for another post). After lunch, we continued our walk. The sun, thankfully is out. We visited, 8 Heeren Street, a shop house that was conserved and restored to it's former glory as it was during the Dutch occupation (again, material for a separate post).

Black and White Clogs

The walking tour was concluded at the Melaka Riverbank by the newly constructed 6 Star Casa Del Rio Hotel

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