Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Geographer Cafe, Jonker Street, Melaka

Tucked away at the intersection of Jonker Street and Jalan Hang Lekir, this cafe is no stranger to anyone that have ever visited Jonker Street. Made famous by the Hong Kong movie Summer Mo Mo Tea many years back, this is the most happening night spot on Jonker.

However, unbeknown to many, this place does serve up some rather good food besides being a watering hole. Choices, as expected, ranges from standard Western fare like Fish and Chips, black pepper chicken to well loved local dishes like Asam Pedas and Nasi Lemak (vegetarian variety).

As I was thirsty from all the walking, I ordered the plum juice which is the standard 桔子酸梅drink which you can get from any food court. Here though the presentation is nicer and it comes in a PINT.

May and Tim ordered the Tom Yum Coconut Soup which comes in a, well, coconut.

Michelle ordered the Tom Yum noodles and Lorna opted for the Curry Noodles. The portions are rather big and they are not stingy with the ingredients.

Tom Yum Noodles

Curry Noodles
Looking happy when lunch is finally served
 As for myself, I decided on the Asam Pedas fish. For the uninitiated, Asam Pedas is a fish dish served cooked with a broth of chillies, tamarind and spices cooked in a clay pot together with vegetables. It is supposed to be hot and sour. However, I find the Geographer's version a bit lacking in "kick" as they might have toned the dish down to cater to tourists' taste buds.

Overall dining experience is good. However, being in Melaka, given a choice we would not have eaten here. Our other lunch venue options were either closed or packed to the brim.

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