Sunday, April 6, 2014

Calanthe Art Cafe, Jonker Walk, Melaka

Went back to Segamat for Ching Ming over the weekend. Lorna and Liam decided to follow make a trip to Segamat with us. Since we are doing Ching Meng on Sunday, we decided Saturday was a good day to make a trip down to Melaka. We arrived at Jonker and to our surprise, or not (since it is said that it always rain on Ching Ming), it was raining. We looked for shelter and what better shelter than a place that serves coffee. Since they call themselves an art cafe, it is not unexpected that the interior design and deco is indeed, very artsy fartsy. Photogs will indeed have a field day in this place.

However, the other thing that interest me is the coffee selection. This cafe serves a selection of 13 different kind of coffee beans, 1 each from the 13 states of Malaysia. I decided to try the Sabah variant since Tenom coffee is the best local coffee I have ever tried. Their version of Sabah coffee does have some resemblance to the Tenom Coffee bags but not as fully flavoured. Since it was impossible to drink 13 cups of coffee at one go, it is good thinking that the owners make their coffee beans into individual coffee bags. I got myself a box consisting 13 individually packed bags, one of each flavour.

Sabah Coffee. Each cup comes with corresponding labels.
Coffee Bags

Besides coffee, the cafe do serve a wide range of western and local food ranging from sandwiches to mains, and from Laksa to Asam Pedas. However, as we were still full from breakfast, we did not order any food. Tim did got himself a slice of brownie though.

Tim's Brownie

Decorative items

One representative from each state

The central air well had been converted into a miniature hanging garden
Happy Campers despite the Rain
Exterior of the Cafe
Coffee Bags on Sale. You can either buy individual packs or buy one box.

Traditional Saucers
Sugar Jar
God Place to Relax

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