Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup, Jalan Ong Kim Wee

What is the best way to end of a day in Melaka. The answer is of course satay celup. For the uninitiated, celup in Malay means dipping, which is exactly how you cook the satays by dipping the skewers into a piping hot pot of satay sauce in the middle of the table.

Even though the more famous shop is Capital, I had always preferred the satay in Ban Lee Siang. Previously, this eatery occupied 2 shop lots. However, the brothers running the store had an argument and decided to go separate ways, running one shop each side by side, selling the same thing. 

We arrived at the shop around quarter to six and the queue is already there. It took around half an hour for us to be seated.

Queue at 5.45pm

Smouldering lava
The skewers comprises of a variety of ingredients from something more conventional like fish balls, meat, vege, sausages, ham, etc to some that are more exotic like pig's liver, pig's ears, fish maw, etc.
Pig's Liver, not for the faint hearted

Something more conventional

Pig's ear, again, not for the faint hearted

We are obviously not a very adventurous bunch

Dipping Time


Anyone who have ever eaten satay celup would know that there are a a few stages:

Stage One, waiting patiently for the food to be cooked

Stage Two, trying to hold the sticks of tofu puff and kangkong into the pot as they tend to float

Stage Three, fighting over who dipped what into the pot

Stage Four, denying who dipped the last few sticks into the pot after everyone had had too much.

How to eat Satay Celup


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