Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baci Italian Cafe, Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

Went back to KL over the weekend for the GP and took the opportunity to pop by Baci, a cozy little Italian Cafe situated in Citta Mall. Going into the cafe, you will be greeted by some pretty pretentious deco of dark oak wood furniture, trying to replicate something you will find in Italy, I am sure. Seating spaces are pretty cram due to limited floor area.

Food wise, they have a full range menu featuring Italian classics like pizzas, pastas and the others. They have a limited choices of main courses (when I say limited, I mean really limited as in four regular choices and 1 or 2 specials) and some cakes for desserts. Since the wife and I weren't feel like having anything heavy, we decided on sandwiches, which incidentally had been receiving rave reviews from KL foodies. My wife ordered the chicken avocado sandwich whilst I settled for the for the Florentine Panini.

The sandwiches turned out to be quite good. Most of the sandwiches I tried tend to suffer from one or more of these weaknesses:

1) To little/too much filling
2) Bread to hard/soft - this is one of my pet peeves. If the bread is too hard, it tends to be hard to chew and will hurt the gum (like eating sandpaper. Yes, I am looking at you O'Brien's). Too soft/soggy it will destroy the "build" of the sandwich (generally, convenience store sandwiches).
3) Too much/little dressing

I am glad to say that Baci's sandwiches do not suffer from any of the above malaise. For the Florentine Panini, the fillings of roasted papers and spinach balanced out the chicken breast nicely. The chicken breast is of just the right texture. One peeve though is that I can't really taste the mozarella cheese. Perhaps they are using the milder variety to suit the local taste buds. I had a bite of my wife's sandwich. can't comment much of it as I am not really a fan of avocado as sandwich filling.

The Panini Florentine

The Panini Florentine

 Chicken Avocado Sandwich

For dessert, I wanted to order the rainbow cake as the little girl at the next table seemed to be really enjoying it. However, it was vetoed by the wife (due to colouring) hence had to settle for the banana layer cake. The cake is a bit too sweet for my liking. Besides that, it is to dry and it literally fell a part whilst I was trying to cut it with the fork. For RM12.90++ a pop, I had expected something better. Would not recommend the cakes here.

Selection of Cakes

Banana Layer Cake

Overall, we spent around RM53.90 for a meal for 2 person inclusive of drinks and dessert to share. If you are looking for a quick bite when you are around the area, this place can't go wrong. However, the dining experience was spoilt a bit by the so so dessert.

Lot G47, Ground Floor, Citta Mall,
No. 1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Ambience 4/5
Service 4/5
Menu 3/5
Food 3.5/5
Value for Money 3/5

P/S. Baci is "Kiss" in Italian.

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